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How to configure the StationGlobals.ini, How to bind the each definitions in the StationGlobals.ini to Teststand. What is the meaning of the each def

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How to configure the StationGlobals.ini, How to bind the each definitions in the StationGlobals.ini to Teststand.  What is the meaning of the each definitions in the StationGlobals.ini,

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I'm not sure I understand exactly what you are looking for here but I'll throw out some information hoping it helps.


Basically StationGlobals.ini is just a property object file that contains station global variables.  Whenever you add a variable to StationGlobals.ini it also copies the type definition into the file (this is normal in TestStand so that files can exist independently).   


StationGlobals.ini resides in the TestStand configuration directory.  If you are using Environments then it will be in the configuration directory for the environment.  When TestStand loads it pulls loads StationGlobals.ini from the config directory.


You can add variables to StationGlobals.ini by going to View>>Station Globals inside of the sequence editor.  


Hope this helps,

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