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How to close LV development environment from Teststand



Is it possible to get Teststand (2019) to close the Labview Development Environment (2020)? I have an issue with a 3rd party DLL reference not closing correctly and my temporary work around / bodge is to close LV at the end of the Teststand sequence, but I have to do this manually.

I've tried using a LV action to call the Quit Labview vi from the Application Control palette, which works, but Teststand throws an error 'LabVIEW : VI execution terminated by the server.'


I found this post (link below) which suggests it can be done through ActiveX, but I cant find the correct automation server.


Thanks in advance,



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I think you will likely get the same error even when you use the ActiveX adapter. 


You might be able to change the LV adapter setting to use the RTE and then back to using the LV Development System using LabVIEWAdapter.SetServerInfo.

SetServerInfo Method - TestStand 2019 Help - National Instruments (


Note: This will only work if you do not manually activate LV after TS launches it. Once you do that, LV will not shutdown after TS releases LV's ActiveX reference. 


Hope this helps. 


Anand Jain






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Have you tried selecting the ignore runtime error option for the step that closes LV?

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No I haven't, but I'll give it a go. Its probably not the best solution, but good enough for my temporary bodge job!

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I want to call out that the LV adapter will be in a bad state once the error is generated and you will have to restart the execution to call LV modules again. 


If you use the APIs I referenced above you can still call VIs. 



Anand Jain


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