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How to base a Sequence Call's result on its local variable string?

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I'd like to have custom step result strings ("Untested", ConditionallyPassed", etc) for some of my sequence calls.


So far, I have two ideas:


A) I've created a custom step, so that SequenceCall step type won't override the status expression... How should I define the status expression string of the "Caller" step in my main sequence, so that it will use the value of a local variable within the called sequence?


B) How can I affect the status string of the calling step from within the called sequence?


Any tips?



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I'm not sure if this the best solution but I was able to alter Step Status using SequenceFilePostStep. I also added custom attribute to my step to indicate that I want to overwrite its status.


Will this work for you?

Michał Bieńkowski

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For posterity: we realized with Michał, the easier solution is to write an output string from the called sequences directly to the Step.Result.Status of the step that calls the sequence.


However, one cannot use the Sequence Call step type, since it overrides the status expression by default, so passing an output parameter string to Step.Result.Status gets overwritten and doesn't work.


Solution: use an Action step type and use the Sequence Call adapter. The Action step type does not override the status expression, so, voila:






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