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How to append 1D array to 2D array (locals)?



I have 1D array of data set and need to store that information to Locals (2D array). Each loop I get 1D array data set and append to the 2D array Locals and at the end of the loop, read the Locals and analyze the data. How can I append 1D array to 2D array Locals variable (directly in TestStand)? Thank you in advance.



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Hello, to insert into a 2d array you have to insert one element at a time. You will need another sub loop that runs through each element of the 1d array that you want to insert into your 2d array.


Hope that helps

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Or you can try a trick with only one loop 😃 See the attachment.. The recipe is simple:

1. Create Custom data type - Array of ... (type "array" in the example)

2. Create Locals variable of your type "array" - Locals.array1D

3. Create 1D array of elements of type "array" - Locals.array2D

4. Perform a loop for Locals.array2D, on each iteration its current ellement will be defined

5. Access element of a 2D array via Locals.array2D[x][y].. Locals.array2D is a 1D array formaly, but its elements are 1D arrays too. That is why you get a 2D array


Hope that helps,


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1- Concatenate two arrays to a One Dimensional Array with the += Operator

         (Locals.Combined2D += Parameters.Independant) += Parameters.Dependant


2- Re-Shape the result to a Two Dimensional Array using the length of one of the original Arrays as Parameter

         Locals.Combined2D.Type.ArrayDimensions.SetBounds ( { 0 , 0 } , {Parameters.Independant.GetNumElements() - 1 , 1} )

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