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How to Put Serial Number in "UUT Information" Screen


Hi guys!


I'm reading the Serial Number using a Cemera and a 2D code on Units, and I would like to put the serial number in the corresponding box of "UUT Information".

At this time I'm puting the serial number on Report using "RunState.Caller.Locals.UUT.SerialNumber".


I need to keep the "UUT information" screen on front.


Thank you

Modify UUT.jpg

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When I click "Next UUT" (without a serial number on the box), I'm reading the serial number using Camera and LabView signal procesing, I would like to write the readed serial number to UUT information Box...


It's any way to do that without modify and overide the PreUUT?



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I believe that you would have to modify ModelSupport2.dll. The source code for this is provided. You edit it with LabWindows/CVI.

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