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How does one setup TestStand to parse a String from a TcpIp Read?

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I am interested in connecting TestStand to a product of mine and I have downloaded the eval and am running a typically TcpIp Sequence as shown in the examples.  I am trying to understand how to setup TestStand to parse the string comming back from my server as too pass/fail information and/or test results present in the returned string.


I look forward to your replies and Thanks for your help.

Craig Byrd


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I found one solution (probably not the most elegant) to the problem.  I added an If/Else statement after the TCPRead where the conditional statment look to see if the TCPRead Statement received was = "passed".  If it was, I forced a pass with the pass/fail test,  If not, I forced a fail with the pass/fail test.  This resolves the issue for now.


I am now off to figure out why changing the TCPWrite string value on one TCPWrite statement, changes the TCPWrite string value for all the TCPWrite statements.  I do not yet know how to create a local variable and use it as the TCPWrite string value.  I will look into the discussion forum for the answer to this question.



Craig Byrd


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I figured out how to create and use a local variable (string) as the TCPWrite string by simply modifying the TCPWrite for the step in question and set the the Results.Data value to use the Locals.TCP<name of created local variable>.



Craig Byrde

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