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How do I get the name of the previous step in TestStand

I am trying to get the name of the previous step in TestStand. I keep running into the suggestion to use RunState.PreviousStep.Name() which seems so logical. However, in version 2013 I will be darned if I can even find this property in the expression browser.  It doesn't show during development mode or in run time.  I can find the previous step index, but not the name.  What the heck am I missing? Every time I have to try and deal with a TS property I lose hair and there isn't much left.

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Name is a property, so you don't need the brackets.

I am not sure if TS 2013 already allows direct access to the name of the step like that. If not, you need PreviousStep.AsPropertyObject().Name.

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You can use as well NameOf(RunState.PreviousStep)

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Thanks. I'll give it a try.

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Use Run State Property Methods where you can access all the properties related to the sequence currently executing.

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RunState.Sequence.Main["//Step name from Main Step Group"].Name

You can use above property to get name of any step

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