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How do I clean my sequence of old values?

I have sequence files that get up to 10MB with something like 300 steps and I have files with the same steps but with less than 1MB. I saw that old information of the step settings remains and thats why the file gets bigger. Is there any way to solve this?
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You'll probably need to be more specific about what old information you see as remaining in the file.  Even better, you might want to post two sequences files with one step each where one has the extra information and the other does not.
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Ok, I attached a small, medium and big step.

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If is difficult to answer you with this heterogenous extract from sequence files. Nevertheless, it seems that the sequence file size increase because of the modifications that are made in the sequence file : properties are set to non default values, descriptions and variables that are added, etc... After looking at your text files, all the data seem to be usefull. A good way to know what are the differences between to sequence files is to use "Diff Sequence File With..." from the "Edit" menu.

If you have two sequence files with the same behavior and with different sizes, please attach the whole files to this thread. I will take a look at them.


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