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How come changes to .tsw are not reflected in .tsd when reloaded after a change to the workspace is performed

ATE Dude,


When you select Analyze Source Files in the Distributed Files tab, the Deployment Utility should go through every file in the workspace and update its information. I am not sure why this is not happening, could you post screenshots or a video of what is happening and what you would expect instead? Do you have a simple case that reproduces the problem?


Also, TestStand is compatible with different versions of LabVIEW (which I assume you are using to develop with NI-FGEN), updating to a newer version of TestStand should not affect your ability to run code modules generated in LabVIEW using NI-FGEN. For more specific information about what versions of TestStand and LabVIEW are compatible see:


Hope this helps,


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Francisco, The problem I wrote this post about has bveen solved by recreating the .tsd after I updated the .tsw. At this point I would have to create the original problem by undoing all the steps up to this poitn, and i simply don't have time to do that right now, so providing screen shots I can't do. As far as upgrading, yes I realize newer version are compatible, however we document SW configuration by Developer Suite (.i.e.NI Developer Suite 2011 DS2), so we try to keep the LabVIEW/TestStand installation matched in case we drop a HDD or need to configure a new test set etc... It just makes it easier all around to maintain configurations that way.
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I am happy to hear that the problem has been resolved. If you need any more help don't hesitate to ask! Smiley Very Happy


- Francisco

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