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How come changes to .tsw are not reflected in .tsd when reloaded after a change to the workspace is performed


I have noticed on several projects now that if I make a change to the workspace and save the .tsw file, when I open the Deployment Utility from a saved .tsd file that the changes I have made are not reflected, which causes me to basically create a new .tsd??


I would have thought that by loading the Deployment Utility from a .tsw would update the Source location automatically??

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[Edit] I realize I misunderstood your question in my original post.


What do you mean the changes are not reflect? In the deployment image or in the deployment properties?

When you select 'Load Workspace in Sequence Editor' from the 'System Source' tab of the Deployment Utility, does it load the latest version of your TestStand wrokspace (tsw) file?

Taylor B.
National Instruments
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Are you changing the file name or location of the tsw file when you make changes?

Taylor B.
National Instruments
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No I am not changing either the name or the location of the .tsw file, all I'm doing is changing the content of it, and then resaving it. Then I open the .tsd file associated with the build, which is linked to the .tsw file, and none of the changes I made are shown, and as a matter of fact, if i go ahead and build it, it builds to the previous version of the .tsw. Bascially I have to recreate the TestStand Deployment if I change anything on the .tsw to be able to capture the changes I made.

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Some question about your setup:

1) Are you using source control?

2) How are you adding the .tsw file to the deployment?

3) What is the order of saving and loading the .tsw and .tsd files so that I can reproduce the issue?


Here are some trouble-shooting steps:

1) In the deployment utility, if you browse to the .tsw file again, does the new build reflect the changes to your .tsw file?

2) If you go to the 'Distributed Files' tab, and click the 'Analyze Source Files' button, does the new build reflect the changes to the tsw file?

Taylor B.
National Instruments
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1. No I am not using source controls

2. The file is selected by name on the first tab of the deployment utility.

3. I typically update the .tsw in the development environment, and then save and close the sequence editor. After that I open the TestStand Deployment Utility using a .tsd file that was created from the last time it was built. 


No matter what I do, reload the .tsw, or "analyze source files" on the second tab, the change will not update into the Source FIles

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What version of TestStand are you using? Different versions may have different variations of the Deployment Utility.


You say you add the file to the first tab. In TestStand 2013, this is the 'Mode' tab. Is that where you are adding your tsw file?


Also, you say you add the tsw file by name. Does the name include the full filepath?

Taylor B.
National Instruments
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A screenshot of your setup in the Deployment Utility may help clarify what is happening.

Taylor B.
National Instruments
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I'm actually using TestStand 2010 SP1 on this project, and unfortunately I can not upgrade because of a change to one of the NIFGEN vi's in the next version.


The full path is specified as I use the navigation button to locate it when I try to reload it. On the System Source tab in the Deploy files section.

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Can you attach screenshots of the Deployment Utility and the build before and after the tsw fiel changes. Which changes in the tsw file are not being reflected by the build?

Taylor B.
National Instruments
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