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How TestStand knows the DLL parameters?

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For a DLL code module, TestStand do not need the .h file, no need the export file , no LIB file , only by one DLL, teststand knows every information of the DLL, the functions and its parameters. The DLL file already include all the information?


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There are ways in C/C++ to compile header information into a DLL. This can be done by e.g. LabWindows/CVI from NI.

If you have a DLL containing the header information, the C/C++-DLL adapter (and CVI adapter alike) will read out that information directly from the DLL and populate the function drop-down field. If the header information also include the information on the parameters for each function, the adapter will also populate the list of parameters when the function is selected.


You can check the presence of header information by simply opening the DLL file in a text editor. If you find function names in clear text, the adapter will provide the function names. If you find parameter names in clear text, same applies for the parameters as well. If you find nothing, the adapter will not show any selectable function nor any parameter.

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Thanks for the information , I try to use notepad to open the DLL generated by CVI,I did find the function information in TXT.


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What about if the function definitions of dll are only found in separate header (.h) file? How can I pass header files to TestStand?



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