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Hardware Question: Controllers for Pressure (8-10 GPa)


My wife just phoned from the Fall AGU meeting in SanFrancisco,
and said she had been told NI had equipment which
would help automate/control the presses used in some research
she is helping out with. The research involves cooking materials
at high temps/pressures to synthesize "rocks" for analysis.
What group of NI products does this? Where on the
website do I look? I'd like to be able to do more than point
her at the website.

Any info will be appreciated. I was going to ask NI directly
but they seemed geared to product support, not info.

Ken Howells
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In the event you have not yet found a solution to your situation, I might suggest that you contact an NI sales representative or field sales engineer for specific application assistance. An alternative is to contact one of the NI Alliance members by visiting the page at . They should be able to help you with creating a system that will meet your requirements.

From a more general approach to your question, NI has many products that can be used to control equipment necessary to synthesize the "rocks" you need for analysis. A sample system may include use of a measurement and automation software (such as LabVIEW for a graphical programming environment, LabWindows/CVI for a text-based environment) that can control your existing process and
instruments over GPIB/serial/ethernet. If you already have a production test system developed, you may wish to consider investigating the TestStand environment to control your setup. If you have sensors and actuators that need to be measured or controlled, you may wish to consider some of the NI measurement devices that can perform data acquisition and output control signals. A good place to get started on the web would be visiting to get an overview of the NI products.

I hope this information helps!

Best Regards,
Wilbur Shen
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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