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Getting Dispatch from Sequence Context


I'm trying to write some code using CVI 5.0.1 and TestStand 1.0.2. I
have some functions that normally pass testData->seqContextCVI (sequence
context) to other functions so that interact with TestStand if needed.
Given that I only have the sequence context, can I use the
CA_GetDispatchFromObjHandle function from the ActiveX Automation
function panel provided with CVI 5.0.1 and still obtain the original
seqContextDisp that is passed to CVI from TestStand?
Also, when I'm done with the Dispatch do I need to free it and how?

Emile Semmes
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You actually don't need to get the dispatch pointer from the handle, you can just pass the sequence context (of type CAObjHandle) as is. The sequence context is just a 32-bit number. So long as there is a running sequence associated with this object, any references to it should be valid.


Azucena Perez
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