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NI TestStand

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Get the Test Stand Report Filename

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I would like to find the TS report filename, but DURING the test (ideally at the beginning of the main sequence).


I am generating several data files during the run, and I would like these files to have the same base filename as the report so that they match and can easily be determined.


I suppose another way to do this is to build the name from the start time.  If that's the case, can someone point out where that is kept?

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Accepted by topic author Jed_Davidow

Here I attached an example of how to do it.

Basically, it does following:

1. Searches for configuration of NI_ReportGenerator plugin in your model

2. Retrieves the full report path for your current socket



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I'll take a look, thanks!

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Fantastic!  And it helped me figure out how to search through the plugin list.  Outstanding!

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