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Force TestStand Step to Fail When Error Occurs

How do you make a TestStand sequence step Fail when an Error occurs from the called LabVIEW VI?  I don't want to add a step to check after the step nor do I want to add an analysis of all the steps in the Cleanup.  Isn't there an easy way to do this?  Some post expression similar to
Step.Result.Error.Occurred == True ? Step.Result.PassFail == True : Step.Result.PassFail == False
This doesn't seem to work.  The test report always has the test step as "Passed" even when I put Step.Result.PassFail == True
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Hi mase26,

Use the Callback Sequence SequenceFilePostStepRuntimeError. In this sequence, set Parameters.Step.Result.Status = "Failed" and Parameters.Step.Result.PassFail = False.


Ray Farmer

Ray Farmer
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another point in addition to Rays comment:
You used the "==" instead of "=" in your assignment. This could be all the problem here....

hope this works out,
Norbert B.
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Norbert B.


I was just typing the command in the forum, the syntax error is not in the TestStand code.

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mase26 -

When an error occurs running a step in TestStand, it basically stops processing the rest of the step and just sets the status. The only thing that does occur is that the if the Ignore Errors property is set on the step, TestStand sets the Step.Result.Error.Occurred to False. What I have done in the past is either use the callback mentioned above to always do this, or for a single case, make the step ignore errors and add another second step to check the status of the previous step and if it errored, make the second step fail.

Scott Richardson
National Instruments
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