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First failing step incorrect when using subsequence

I'm using a sequenced called from my main sequence, and it has a handful of steps. I call this sequence in a new thread. There is a wait statement "Wait for ch B" to rejoin its thread to the main sequence.


My issue is, when one of the steps inside the sequence fails, the failure cause for the sequence is the wait statement's name, "Wait for ch B", instead of the step that actually failed.


Any thoughts on how to fix?

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Hi Stephen,


It is considered as a feature, not a bug...

See help here :

Therefore, when a Wait step waits on a sequence that fails, TestStand sets the status of the Wait step to Failed. The result list entry for a Wait step contains a TS.SequenceCall.ResultList property, which is the result list for the thread or execution.


What exactly are you trying to achieve ? Modify the report failure display?


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Yes, my goal is to have the failing step in the report reflect the step that actually failed, which is more descriptive than 'wait for ch B'.

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I'm sorry but I do not have any SeqEditor on my machine right now to make some tests but in your report do you only have one ligne with 'Wait ch B failed' or do you also have after some lines about the step that actually failed in the subsequence laucnhed in parallel ?

I guess the failure chain should be able to show the complete path that lead to the error.

If so, maybe just filtering the 'wait' steps using the filtering expression in the report options would work to remove the 'wait failed' entry and still displaying the rest of the failure chain.


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