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File Globals do not maintain shared status

I am running a TestStand 2016 application that uses only LabWindows/CVI modules.  The sequence file is set in the editor mode to share the file globals across all executions.  This works fine until I tried to use the sequence on a operator mode interface.  The sequence then ran as if the file globals were discrete for each execution.  The sequence is running in parallel mode.  I have tried both the simple operator interface and the one that shows more data.  Is there some way to set the shared mode of the file globals in the operator mode interface?

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Actually, this settings - Share FileGlobals accross executions - is set to sequence file, no the the environment. So, if you experience this problem, somewhere this setting is rewritten - otherwise, it should work.

I also have sequence, running in parallel mode, and FileGlobals work well in both TS Editor, and in Operator Interface (custom one, and standart one).

Are you running deployed sequence via Operator Interface? Do you include there some special/default settings files?


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Hi kisost90,


It was my fault.  Somehow the sequence file that I put on the server did not have the file globals set to shared.  After fixing  the file, the sequence ran as expected.  Thank you.

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