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Expression with higher execution time

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Dear community,


I have a problem on a test machine with NI Teststand 2017 SP1. A simple expression suddenly takes more time and extends the duration of my test program. If I hit the check expression button, i have to wait a half second for MessageBox "no errors".


Here is the expression:


StationGlobals.TSVP.David_Report.HeaderText = StationGlobals.TSVP.David_Report.HeaderText + ";" + Parameters.StepName + " [Numeric " + Parameters.CompType + "] " + "[" + Parameters.Unit + "]" + ";Toleranz UG;Sollwert;Toleranz OG"


I cannot explain this. On other machines it takes a normal/fast execution time.


Thanks in advance for your ideas. 

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My first though would be the StationGlobals, and maybe something is corrupted with that file.


I'd be interested if you changed temporarily, any mention of the Station Globals in the expression to a Local to see if that changes anything.

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Accepted by topic author vierrbln

On the machine with the problem, check to make sure there are not a crazy number of other variables/properties in any of the locations the expression references and check to make sure none of the string values involved is holding a string that is crazily huge.

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