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Exporting properties in TestStand using property loader step type

What if I want to change a value in the .csv file that I use property loader to import.  I know we can use the tools\export function, but I want it to be a step type in a sequence.  I know I can go in and change the values with Labview file I/O functions, but is there a property loader export type?

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I'm very confused on what you are asking here.  Do you want to export a step type using the import/export wizard?  Or are you looking to have a step that exports your properties instead of using the import/export wizard?


To answer the first one- this doesn't make sense. Because you would never be loading a step type into TestStand on the fly like that.


To answer the second one - this doesn't make sense either because exporting properties is a one time thing and you don't need to do it every time you run your sequence file.  


Maybe if I understood your goal better I could give you a better answer.



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Thanks for the response.  The bottom line is, we use the property loader step to load variables into our sequence, so it makes sense to keep dynamic variables in that file.  So, if I want to update any given variable, it would be nice to do that easily as opposed to reading a spreadsheet file, searching for the variable you want to change, and writing the whole file back.

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Have you looked into Alias names?


I've used them and they are amazing.


I still don't understand why you would ever need to dynamically write to the property loader file.  Unless you are making a tool that injects a single variable?

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I decided to put a test count in the csv file that I need to increment every test

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I have been searching for the same thing for ages now too!


I want to use the property loader to import some results from a previous test and use them for regression.


But I wish there was a property "unloader" or export step that could export selected teststand variables just like the Tools>> import export properties does only during the sequence. Then I could save the test results to use for further regression testing.


I need the sequence to be fully automatic. So I will parse a flag like "Save reference=True" and then the property exporter would export the results of this test for later comparison.


Or am I missing something super simple? OR another good way to achieve the same thing?

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