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Export Html Report Settings



Our IT guys are going to remove Internet Explorer from all of my test stands leaving me with Edge and Chrome, which don't support the Xml format I'm using with style sheets. The test engineers don't like the default colors of the Html test report so I modified the default colors using the color palette window.


Is there a way for me to save the new settings/format to a config/ini file and load it onto my others test stations.

I don't see that option.





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That info is stored in this file here: "C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\TestStand 2017 (32-bit)\Cfg\ModelPlugins\ResultProcessing.cfg"

 Obviously depending on the version of TS you are using.


Basically ALL of your report settings are in there.  If you were to break down that file you'd have sections for configurations, plugins, active plugin. active configuration, etc...  Basically everything from the Result Processing Config window.


If you straight copy and paste it to another machine then they will get all of your report settings, not just the colors.  If you want to transfer just the colors you'd have to copy just the section with the colors over to the same file in the same section with the colors... sounds very painful.


My recommendation is to use the entire file and make all your machines use the same reporting.


Hope this helps,

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