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Executing a MAX DAQmx Task Inside TestStand

Before I write a sequence my preference is to manually setup my tests and ensure they connect and operate.  Recently we upgraded to TestStand 2014 and our TestStand architect is gone for 3 weeks.  He wrote a custom DAQmx step-type.  Unfortunately the step-type has issues with a DIO USB-6501.  He won't be back for a few weeks so I need to try something else.  Within MAX I can manually set the DIO up using a test panel and saving it as a task.  How can I take these tasks and use them inside TestStand?  I looked in the API references and can't seem to find anything associated with what I'm attempting to do.  Request your assistance.  Thanks.

Tony Jocius

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Hi Tony

You may need to write your step to access the DAQmx step type in your preferred language such as LabVIEW / CVI / .NET etc.and then add it as an action step type to your sequence.

Try posting your question in the TestStand discussion forums. It is better there for these type of questions.

Edgar Candelaria

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