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Executing Subsequences



I got a problem which im struggling to find a solution to.

What i got is a Sequence which calls two other sequence files using the sequence call step.

If  the execution option of the sequence call step is none , the sequence is called and traceses correctly but when the Test is complete the viewer displays the main sequence trace and not the trace of the subsequence.

I need it to display the subsequence trace.

So i tried setting the sequence call step execution option to New execution , it shows in the viewer like i want it to but it does not place the information into the database.


How can i call a subsequence and display its trace for viewing  after the test is complete(When using the operator sequence) and insert the information of the subsequence into the database?

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You need to place a Wait step at the end of your main sequence so that it capture the results of your new execution.

Ray Farmer
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You can also set the sequence call step to wait for the subsequence to complete in the advanced settings:



Al B.
Staff Software Engineer - TestStand
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