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Execute Test UUTs programmatically

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Hi everyone!

I want to execute a parallel test on 2 UUTs in teststand.

In normal cases we enter serial number of UUTs and click on "Ok" button (In UUT Information box) to start the test.

but now I need  to start the test through pressing a push button ( I have the modbus connection via my PLC and teststand and I can read the push button status via Teststand) But I don't know how to access to the Ok" button programmatically..





Thank you in advance


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What I would do is replace the PreUUT callback with custom code that prompts the user for the two serial numbers.  Another code module would then prompt the user to press the button while polling the button status.  

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Hello Eric,

Refer to the shipping examples:


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Thank you for replies 🙂 


I get that it's possible to delete the default code in different file CallBacks in teststand and replace them with custom code. 


also checking the examples in the directory of the teststands help a lot to understand the general concept


C:\Users\Public\Documents\National Instruments\TestStand 2019 (64-bit)\Examples\Modifying Process Models\Overriding Model Callbacks - Parallel Model



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