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Excluding things from the report makes the report messy

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I have attached some screenshots here to show what I am talking about. 

I exclude many steps of my test from report generation, but the report still has separators and tables for the excluded data. This makes the report not look very neat, and causes the report to be much longer than necessary (as well as a larger file size). One test I run has over 55,000 test points, so you can imagine from the screenshot how much "dead space" would be added to the report considering every test point gets these clusters of tables and separators on the report, even while excluded from reporting.


Please see images attached.


Anyone know how to clean this up?

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Accepted by topic author StevoP80

I noticed that these extra separators are only in the report if the report is generated "on the fly". Un-checking this box in the report options gets rid of the extra separators. I am unsure how this will affect my test with over 55,000 test points that in the past would run out of memory while trying to generate the report.

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Hi Stevo,


What process are you using to exclude results in the report? The links below detail different ways to do that. Also, I assume the HTML code attached to your first post is the actual HTML source of the TestStand report? Tha was a little unclear to me, so I wanted to clarify what exactly that screenshot is showing.


Best Practices for NI TestStand Report Generation and Customization

Excluding Results from Reports Based on Step Properties

How to exclude "Skipped" tests from the final report? (The TestStand 2013)




Chris D. | Applications Engineer | National Instruments

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Hi Chris,


Yes the HTML code in the screenshot is the HTML code of the final report as seen through Google Chrome Dev tools.


As for excluding the results, I would set the Result Recording option to Disabled in the Run Options property menu.


Disabling the "on the fly" report generation took care of the extra separators, and I followed another NI white paper about report generation file size growth, and was able to successfully run my test with over 55,000 test points. The report looks good, and I did not receive the error that the system ran out of memory during report generation. So I think my issue is resolved now.

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Except that it does not solve the problem if, like me, you want to use on-the-fly reporting. So I thought the obvious solution was to add a ModifyReportEntry callback sequence and remove excess separators there. Alas, it does not get invoked for records that get filtered out (it is these that produce the separator rows in the HTML table I think).

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OK so this is what I did to work around it:


  1. Add a ModifyReportHeader model callback (I already had one).
  2. Add an expression step to replace the style for "td.separator", something like:
Find(Parameters.ReportHeaderPrefix, "td.separator {border-style:none; height:1px;}"),
45, "td.separator {border:none;padding:0;}"

 and to be safe add a precondition like:

 Find(Parameters.ReportHeaderPrefix, "td.separator")) > 0

 Although you still get all the extra table rows added successive ones are rendered as a single black line.

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