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Error code: -17324, Array index out of bounds problem for measur channel list



i'm using a sequence in teststand 2014 that contain a multitude VIs of mesure channel list.


this VI mesure many signals of my module card at the same time and stored into a variable numbers container in stationGlobals , but some times randomely it shows the error (Error code: -17324, Array index out of bounds).


i configure the variable as empty to record the measures dynamically.


I read in the documentation of "TestStand known issues" that (this error is more likely to occur if the invocations of the two selected steps specify a different number of calls.
Workaround: Modify the invocations of .NET steps individually.)


but i don't inderstand this perticular point.


Any help is appreciated


many thanks in advance

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What you don't understand at the mentioned point? Please specify, do you use the mentioned call, or it's odd? 

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