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Error analysis. Failed paring the XML string.

When I load a subVI with a string input into TestStand, then following error appears in the 'Module'. 

Failed parsing the XML string:

        Reason = End tag 'String' dose not match the start tag 'Name'. 

        Code = 0xc00ce56d

        Line = 4



Anyone can help me to resolve this problem? Thanks in advance.


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Hi GrayJoker,


Is this string input the only input for this LabVIEW code module?

Does it reproduce with only this one step in the sequence file?

Does this error occur immediately after adding this step or at runtime?

Do we still see this error if we replace the existing code module with a simple VI that just has a string input?

What version of LabVIEW and TestStand are you using?


Screenshots or a reproducing example are always helpful.

Jason H
Automated Test Software R&D
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