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Error -19506 when build Deployment on workspace containg a VI calling a shared variable

My mistake is that I kept the same number. It updated some random properties I modified just to check the behavior.

I then applied the modifications again and this time I incremented the step type revision number. And the project path value propagated to all steps present in opened sequences.

With this trick it finally made it work for the steps calling the SV.


Then I falled again on a strange behavior: in my sequences I call 2 VIs which are not step types. I simply call them with a LV action.

These VIs are part of my WS.

The deployment tool returned error -19056 again on these VIs ! I also had to set the porject path for these 2 calls... These 2 VIs do not contain any specific code / function : they are just pop-ups to gather numbers from the operators...


I really do not understand why the deployment tool is so attached to the LV project path !


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So, this problem is definitely not solved!

Please attached a very simple TSW, pointing on a project within the same directory.

The project contains a single sequence.

The sequence is calling a VI which actually does nothing.

All these files are in a directory listed in my search directories.


Populating the code modules into the TSW shows that the VI is well seen as a dependance.


Build a simple image and installer on this configuration still leads to error -19506 !

So, in fact the problem is not related to any step type version number, or project.

Can somebody help me ?

I've got some difficulties to explain to my customer that I cannot build an installer...


If I add the VI to a project, and add the project path into the module configuration, error -19506 disappears. BUT, if I set my LV adapter to be the RT instead of the IDE, TS hangs forever when I select the step in my sequence.


LV 2015 SP1 f10

TS 2014 SP1 f1

Both have been installed as SP1 (February distribution if I remember well) and then patched later on.


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