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Error -17501 - Could not connect to TSAutoMgr.exe


I'm having the following error message when starting TS2019 from OI (only first time). Does anyone knows what can be the problem? This started after customer IT installed some "security stuff". I would like to ask for a support explaining how to fix it and also explaining what happened 🙂 (I would like to avoid random clicking). I don't have permanent access to the PC 😕


Unable to load test environment adapter 'flxCVIadp.dll'.

Run setup to re-install or remove this adapter.


Could not connect to TSAutoMgr.exe server. DCOM permissions might be incorrect because of configuration changes for remote execution. To fix this issue, ensure that the current user is in the default DCOM access permissions or that no users are in the access permissions section of the dcomcnfg.exe dialog box. You can use the dcomcnfg.exe program, located in Windows System directory, to change DCOM access permissions.


Error Code: -17501, Unexpected Operating System Error.


Michał Bieńkowski
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I found this as another reply.

Maybe this can be the solution.


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