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Error -17,502v only appears sometimes. Passing data by a struct.

Hello and good day. Sometimes this message appears to me when the system that I have is running. "-17502; System Level Exception".


01 Error.jpg


In my TestStand sequence that step correspond to a CVI function call.


00 TestStand.png


Basically, what that step function does is receive a int as an input, search some data in a database and then return some information passing it by a struct.



In TestStand I created a Custom Data Type to match the information that I need to receive from my DLL.


This is the structure that I have in myDLL:


04 Struct Definition.png

This is the Custom Data Type that I created:


02 Container.png

03 Container Properties.png


And in the end of my function, this is how I am sending the information:


05 Function.png



This errors appears only sometimes, and is not constant. I tried to replicate it running my sequence a lot, but does not appears when I want it to appear.


In another topic

( )

they said it could appear because a bad definition of the data type, but I really thik I am doing it correctly.


Any ideas about what could be happening?

Thanks in advance.



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