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Dynamically load a sequence file depending on program and revision into Teststand and run it.

When i get the serial no. from a barcode reader, I want to set the correct testprogram (sequence file) in teststand and execute it.
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You can "Specify Expressions for Pathname and Sequence" in a Sequence Call.

Create a Sub Sequence call and in the "Specify Module" check the
Specify Expressions for Pathname and Sequence"

Then you can create just about any expressions for the path name of the sequence to ran based on the serial number scanned.

"c:\\Tests\\" + Str(Locals.SerialNumber) + ".seq"
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I believe that you want to dynamically deterimine the client sequence file after the PreUUT sequence in the process model has obtained the serial number you have entered.

Another customer has asked a similar questions which has the answer you are looking for. To find it in the Developer Exchange user the Search option to search the TestStand category for "client". The questions was "How to load the sequence file from the process model?" and I believe that aperez provides the best answer.
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