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Does test stand support any Test management tool?



We are using TS from almost an year now, though it does have all interface and execution capabilities but we are really struggling finding  test management possiblities with TS. We are looking for a solution somewhere similar to HP Quality Centre or less. Could you help me provide information in this region



Nitin Goel

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I think you would want to look at NI Requirements Gateway and, if using LabVIEW; NI LabVIEW Unit Test Toolkit.

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Hi Nitin,


I'm glad that you are happy with the inferface and execution features that TestStand provides 🙂


What features in particular are you looking for when you refer to "Test Management possibilites"? Requirements tracking? Source Code Control integration? Deployment? If you can give us more information, we would be happy to point you in the right direction!

Jervin Justin
NI TestStand Product Manager
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Hello Jervin


We are mainly looking for a web portal or something where we can manage all the test requirements, test cases and test results. We really didn't find this in TS, though it gives us capability of source code control and stuff but Test maangement is missing. 

Please let us know if their is any possibility within TS or some external tool.



Nitin Goel

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I've always said that TestStand is a test management tool so maybe you would care to provide some details on what you want.


There are some third-party tools available such as Proligent and Arendar. I've only seen demos of these and in the past was most interested in the report generation capabilites.

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Test requirements can be handled by NI requirements gateway. It works gr8 with TestStand.


With regards to test cases, you can takes care of that in in your sequence or process model.


Test results are already given by TestStand. What is it that you specifically require?

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I'm interested in this topic also. We have a test system built to test software of a device. Test system consists of Labview VI's that make inputs to the device and reads outputs from device. Then we have TestStand sequences controlling the VIs. System works fine but we haven't found any suitable way to manage the test cases yet.


What I consider managing is:


- Creating test case sets. "I want to execute test cases 1, 2 and 3 against the device software version, then execute test cases 4, 5 and 6 against software"

- Recording of results. Record which test cases were executed for which software version and what were the PASS/FAIL results.


Any way to do this nicely?



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Hi MSee,

I'm interested in this topic also and I have to deal with the same integration (let's say HP Quality Center - TestStand Integration).

Did You find any solution?


Thank you


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