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Does TestStand ignore the mechanical action of Front Panel buttons?

Hello All,


  I have a previously created test VI that has several buttons on the front panel to initiate certain commands manually.  I would like to use this VI as a Code Module in TestStand so that I can automate the tests.  The parameters for each of the buttons are, of course, imported as Booleans.  I understand how to change the value of the parameter (from true to false) within the step setttings of TestStand, but it is unclear to me if setting the value to true is the same as clicking the button, or if it just ignores the button and sets the status of the Boolean to true.  If the former is true, do I need to go in and adjust the mechanical action of the buttons?  If the latter is true, would I need to create an additional action step to return the boolean value to the default, or is there another way to change it back within the same step?  Please advise.  Thanks in advance.



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You can test this in LabVIEW.  Have a VI pass a Boolean value to a button control in another VI.  If the button is set to latch, it will reset to its default value when the terminal is read.  I think that it is safe to assume that a TestStand call to the VI will do the same thing.

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