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Does IVI Step Type support NI PXIe-4112?

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Hello, Guys


I have a PXIe-4112 and four of PXI-4130. When I try to configure my PXIe-4112 with the PowerSupply IVI Step Type, an error occurred.


An error occurred calling 'RunStep' in 'ISubstep' of 'zNI TestStand Ivi Step Types'
An error occurred while executing the step.
Component Works IVI Control Error: The IVI Configure operation failed for logical name '4112'.
Details: Attribute or property not supported. Attribute: NIDCPOWER_ATTR_OVP_ENABLED, Channel: 0 [IVI Error Code:  BFFA0012]
Source: TSIviStepTypes



Surely I disabled the 'OVP Enabled' check box at the Edit IVI Power Supply Step Dialog. My system configuration is,


IVI Compliance Package 4.6

NI-DCPower 1.8.6

NI TestStand 2012 SP1


My PXI-4130s are working well with the IVI Step type. Does IVI Step Type support NI PXIe-4112? Or am I doing something wrong about it?




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Accepted by topic author Joonam

Hi Joonam,


The PowerSupply IVI step will not currently work with the 4112.  


The 4112 does not support OVP.  If the NIDCPOWER_ATTR_OVP_ENABLED attribute is set to True, the error that you described is expected.  If it is set to False, no error should be generated.  However, an error is generated when it is set to false.  This is incorrect behavior in the driver and has already been documented under Corrective Action Report (CAR) #437105.  This issue will likely be rectified in a future version of NI-DCPower.


The PowerSupply IVI step is hard-coded to set the attribute to true or false, based on the value of the check box in the Limit tab.  The workaround to this problem is to replace your PowerSupply IVI step with a step based on a code module that doesn't try to set the OVP_ENABLED attribute at all.


I apologize for any trouble that this has caused you.  Let me know if you would like any further clarification.


Jared R.
Precision DC Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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Did they fix it?  I still don't see the PXIe-4112 on the supported hardware list.  I created a sequence in TestStand using cusom VIs then I realized I could use a DC Power IVI (I didn't even know they were until I clicked on it).  I deleted all of my sequences and replaced everything with DC Power IVI steps, but then it asked me for a logical name.  I didn't know what that was until I Googled it, and now I got to here.  This is so frustrating!  These are not cheap power units I expect it to be supported.  I'm using an NI power supply because I want it to be easy.

DC Power.PNG

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