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Dispose a shared object reference

Hi all,


When i want to use an object reference in multiple test sockets I mark the object reference as "Shared" (variable properties -> advanced -> Edit flags -> shared).


Now I have an object that only releases its resources by disposing the object reference (set to nothing). I want to be able to dispose this object in each test socket.


When the object reference is not set to "shared", it is possible to dispose the object by using the "Release Object" button in the variable window. When I set the variable "Shared" this button is grayed out. When the object reference is not "shared", it shows the class type and clsid, when it is set "shared" it only shows "propertyobject".


How can I solve ar work around this?


Thanks in advance,


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Did you solve the problem? 
What version of the software do you use ?

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