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Displaying the total number PCB(300) tested in the test report




I am currently using both Teststand 2010/2017. We are testing multiple printed circuit board (PCB) and I wanted to find out whether there is a way that in Teststand I could display the total number of PCB the operator tested in the test report. For example: If the operator test a total of 200 PCBs (P/N XXXXX, Total : 200) I would like to display that total number in the test report. I have looked, but I could not find any thing I could use, maybe I am not looking hard enough.


Ex. Operator tested a total 300 boards (P/N: 1120000) in one day, and I want to display that total number(300) in the test report. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,





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If it's me, I'm probably creating a FileGlobal or a stationglobal that's a counter. And then in MainSequence cleanup, I'd increment the counter each time. 


Or maybe I create an array of Operator names and a corresponding array of numbers so that I could track numbers for different operators.  And then pull from the tables depending on who did the testing.


Then, in the report, I would change the ModifyReportHeader callback to add that number to the test report.  How this happens depends on your report type (ATML, XML, HTML, text, etc.), but here's one example from NI on XML reports.

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