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Display Measurement and Unit Information on Pass / Fail Test



I am attempting to create a new step type that is an extension of the Pass / Fail test. On the report I would like to display a measurement value and measurement unit.


In attempting to do this, I have created a new step type and added a field under Result titled Numeric.


I have then enabled the following flags for Numeric:

  • PropFlags_IsMeasurementValue
  • PropFlags_IncludeInReport.

I would then expect this to include the Numeric value in the Measurement column of the report. However, this does not occur.


Could someone please provide some advice on what I am missing? Also, if there is a way of add the unit type to the report, that would be great to know as well.


I have attached a .seq file containing a step type that I have created. I am setting the Numeric value during the pre / post expressions.


Thanks so much,


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Why not just use a numeric limit step?



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Hi Doug,


Thanks for your suggestion. This is an option.


The test is performed by an external device that contains its own test limits and is responsible for making the pass / fail decision. The information that is returend to the TestStand sequence is the pass / fail result and the numerical value measured.


While I could replicate the comparison test this would require having the test limits stored in two places (which I would rather not do) and it also takes the decision making away from the external device (which is an electrical safety analyser).


It is for these reasons that I'm trying to use the pass / fail result of the external device and record the measurement along with it.


Are you able to provide any suggestions on where I am going wrong (as presented in the first post)?



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                What Report Format are you using?  XML & ATML reports uses ActiveX steps to generate the report text and limit the inclusion of measurements for Pass/Fail step types.  If you use HTML or ASCII Text, then your numeric Measurement seems to work as you expect. See Attached.



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removed my response. I want to think about it a bit more.

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