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Disable Popup confirmation on station globals modified externally



Is there any way to Disable the Popup confirmation Message saying the staiton globals are modified externally from TestStand?



Ramjee V

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Hey Ramjee,


Unfortunately, I don't believe there is any way to disable the dialog. I saw your other thread about the station globals, and would be happy to try and help figure out a different way to accomplish what you're trying to do that wouldn't require you to keep updating the globals. Let us know if we can do anything to help!

Daniel E.
TestStand Staff Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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It is possible to share the globals across processes so they can be directly modified without going to disk, but I agree with Daniel, there is probably a better way. You might try using TestStand queues or notifications instead. They can be accessed across processes if you put an '*' character in front of the name. They can also be created and/or accessed programmatically as well as using the synchonization step types. See Engine.GetSyncManager() API help and the synchronization step type help for more details.




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