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Difference of Development vs. Debug Depolyment Licence

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what is the difference between the Development licence versus the Debug Depolyment Licence?

The Deployment is ~ double the price (5000€ vs. 2500€)

If i want to create a new sequencefile and insert teststeps and all the other stuff do i need then the Development licence?

As far as i read the Debug Depolyment can do the same as the Development.

So why should one buy the Development if DebugDeployment can do the same?



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Accepted by topic author OnlyOne

You should buy the development license because you are an honest person.  In terms of functionality and ability there is no difference.  The difference is that with the debug license you agree with NI that you will only use it for debugging (i.e. stepping into and out of code and troubleshooting systems).  According to that agreement you aren't supposed to save and edit sequence files (with slight exception).  I agree that it is kind of a gray area. 


Here is the different between deployment and debug.  Anything beyond that would require a development license:


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Hi OnlyOne,


The difference is that the Debug Deployment license is provisioned specifically for debugging on deployed test stations. This is outlined in the end user license agreement for this software.



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