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Diff between 32 bit and 64 bit simple user interface



What is the difference between  32 bit and 64 bit simple user interface.


If I want to run 64 bit simple user interface in teststand 32 bit , what are the changes needs ti be done.


Anyone tried this.




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Assuming that you are running a 64bit OS, the difference is if the TS based application shall run in the 32bit WoW64 environment or if it shall run 64bit native.


The result is mainly the addressable memory: a 32bit process in 64bit OS can allocate up to 4GB (usually reduced by fragmentation) while a 64bit process can allocate a lot more (depending on the OS).


However, when you choose the 64bit version, you have to make sure that all components, including code modules, and tools, to run 64bit as well.


All in all its a decision on memory vs. availability of components.

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