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Developing Programs in TestStand Course CVI Exercises Not Working

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Im following the exercises that come with the developing programs in Teststand course. Excercises using LabView all work fine. However none of the CVI exercises work. I can call the functions in the DLL located at C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\Shared\CVI\instr\Driver Simulation\SimulationDriver.dll but all the functions called return 0. 


Same thing happens when I create my own DLL and saved it to C:\Exercises\Developing Test\Programs\CVI\Code Modules I see the functions in the drop down menu in the Module tab but again all returned results are 0.


Using Teststand 2021 and CVI 2020



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Fix for this issue was to ensure that the zip file is unblocked when unzipping the files. Go to zip file properties and check Unblock box. 

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