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Dequeue a teststand queue with labview



I'm trying to dequeue elements since a VI that is running in a Thread independent of the mainsequence (Teststand).


I :


1.- Create a Queue.

2.- Launch the VI in a new trhead (Is a states machine controlated by the queue ).


3.- Now in TESTStand mainsequence i will like enqueue elements to give orders at VI. Any idea how to do this?





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In TestStand you call a VI that is a wrapper for Enqueue FIFO element. (FGV so you have the FIFO reference in a shift register)

Rodéric L
Certified LabVIEW Architect
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Using queues only with labview The "Dequeue" function is in standby waiting 2 possible events:


1.- Element to dequeue in the queue --> Return the queue element.

2.- The queue is closed --> Return Error.


Using a "Reference Object" I don't find how to do this.

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Thxs roderic,


The problem is in the labview part.... I don't find a easy way to do the dequeue.





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First, the best way is to enqueue a close message so you know it has to close.


Second, it returns an error when the queue ref is destroyed =>you just need to handle the error! Maybe the easiest way would be to add a failure post step action to your step (in TestStand) and do whatever exit code you need to perform!



Rodéric L
Certified LabVIEW Architect
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