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Deployment license with development code

Hi Everyone,


I have teststand development code running on a PC with a development license.


I bought a deployment license and want to deactivate developer's license so as to use deployment license.


Can I continue to run my development code on this PC with deployment license or do I need to create an installer first then activate deployment license?





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You can run your code with the engine with just the deployment license.  However, you cannot step into it (well, i guess if you have a LabVIEW license still you could).  There are certain API functions that won't work with the deployment license and you cannot use the sequence editor without a development license.  Most of the API calls have to do with editing and saving a disk copy of a sequence file.


Hope this helps,

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Hi ~jiggawax~


You broght an interesting point as I will have to keep labview license active, otherwise my developement code will not run (LV license inactive).


So I guess the best option is to create a TS installer, then switch to deployment license, to keep the system in full compliace.


Thanks again for your help!



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