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Deployment Utility - National Instruments Directory

I installed NI programs on C:\National Instruments\LabVIEWx.x and C:\National Instruments\Teststand, instead of the conventional C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEWx.x etc.I have saved my VI in the user.lib, in LabVIEW folder.


Now when I try to make a deployment, this warning came up:

The following files have destinations that may conflict with National Instruments products

C:\National Instruments\LabVIEW x.x\user.lib\TestScripts\ is going to <National Instruments Directory>\LabVIEW x.x\user.lib\TestScripts\


Which is the <National Instruments Directory> refering to? The one with Program Files?


And (I think) because of change, it caused another warning:

There is no relative path between the following files.  You may need to add a path to your search directories.

From [Target]\Boards\TestStand\MyTest.seq to [National Instruments Directory]\LabVIEW x.x\user.lib\TestScripts\


Another thing is: [Target] mentioned above is D:\Build. Sometimes, in Destination Files view, I see D:\Build, and sometimes, it states "Target". What is the difference? Installation diectory is D:\ and subdircetory is Build\ by the way.

There's no way for me to configure directories using "Search Directories".


Hope someone can help me withthese questions. Thank you.


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Hi xf,


First of all, the reason for the warning was not the use of a non-default directory for NI products.


The TS Deployment Utility (TSDU) creates both a source distribution of your files as well as an installer (by default). In the context of the installer, these paths and warnings that you got makes sense.


So <National Instruments Directory> refers to the directory for NI products in the machine where you run this installer you have created. If the machine already has some NI products installed, then that directory is automatically picked to be <National Instruments Directory>. If its a machine with no NI products, then the installer will install any NI products to the default location (C:\Program Files\National Instruments) and that becomes your <National Instruments Directory>. You do have an option to change this default when running the installer.


You get the warning since your source VI is in the LabVIEW User.lib directory and TSDU tries to place it in the LabVIEW user.lib directory of the machine in which you intend to run your installer. It will overwrite a file if it is already present, hence the warning.


"There is no relative path between the following files.": Same reason. TSDU will place the VI in LabVIEW user.lib directory and your sequence in the Installation target directory in the target machine. Since there might be no relative path between these two files,you might need to add the LabVIEW user.lib directory to your TestStand search paths so that your deployed sequence can find the VI.


"Target" refers to the top level directory location where the files will be copied when your deployment is created.

In case of the installer, it refers to the location your files will be placed in when the installer is run. You can choose this location in the Installer Properties -> Installation Destination field. If you choose "Installation Directory", it can be specified further using "Default Installation Base Directory" and "Default Installation Subdirectory" on the Installer Options Tab. You can choose different files to go to different target locations.




In this example, is going to the LabVIEW user.lib directory in the target machine and the other files will be under a folder called "test" in the Installation directory. The exact destination (TestStand Directory, Desktop, Program Files directory etc) will be determined by the settings on the Installer options tab.


Since the Destination Files view never shows the absolute destination path, am guessing D:\Build is your source path (?).


Lastly (whew Smiley Wink), i suggest changing the destination of files directed to <National Instruments Directory> to <Installation Directory> or where ever your other files are going. This way you needn't add any search paths. 

If you still want the installer to place your VI in the LabVIEW user.lib directory in the target machine, then you will have to add the LV user.lib path to your TestStand search directories in the target.

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