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Deploying cutomized tools menu as part of framework and issue in loading few VI when executing user interface

Hi ,

I'm using a customized Teststand simple user interface for my application.

I have customized the Tools menu from Teststand and invoked Teststand sequence from the tools menu items.

After deploying the Teststand framework and user interface, the customised Tools menu options is not working when the menu item is clicked on.
I have included Toolsmenu.ini file when creating the Teststand framework image.

And, also when executing the user interface initially, few vi and sequence files (these are configured through search directory) are not loading automatically and user has to select these files manually. From the next execution onwards this is automatically done.
I have included the searchdirectory.cfg file as part of framework.

If any one could help me on the issues related to Menu items not invoking the sequence file and the sequence file not autmatically loaded during the application execution, that would help me to move further.






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Did you deploy the sequence that the custom tools menu invokes?


Worth mentioning in case you aren't aware, you can automatically install items to the tools menu by adding them to the \ToolsMenuToInstall directory (read more here).


As for the UI only remembering sequence files after they're opened, this is because the Application Manager stores recent sequence files in the userinterface.xml file located at %LocalAppData%\National Instruments\TestStand. You can either deploy this file with your UI, or use the API to load that sequence file automatically.


Hope this helps!

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Hi Trent,


Thanks. I did the same thing what you explained. But the issue is when i opened UI in deployed machine. The tools menu shows inbuilt menu item like , MAX, database.. etc along with  my customized menu options. i am not sure how to avoid the default menu item getting appended to the customized toolmeni.ini file. The customized toolmenu.ini file getting updated for the first time when i invoke the teststand from user interface after deployment.


Any input for this.



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