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DAQmx, DIO And TestStand

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Recently we upgraded our NI TestStand from 4.2.1 to 2014.  Our SW architect is on a trip to China so I'm left to figure out those little issues which can nag you.  For instance, When I drag the DAQmx Server step type to my sequence I'm having difficulty getting help understanding this feature.  All I'm trying to do is close a relay.  I know I have to create, the Write and close.  Where do I get help on the Write?  There isn't any DAQmx help for TestStand that I can find.   

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Hey Tony,


Actually, the DAQmx steps are not a part of TestStand by default. It looks like this is a custom step type developed by your company (in the name of the dialog, the prefix is "HR", which I believe are the initials of your company). This is also why there is no help for these step types within TestStand itself.


It might be a little difficult for us to give you guidance on why the step isn't working properly (although we could certainly try). Do you have any other architects or TestStand users at your company that you might be able to ask for input on how to use the step?

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That is what I needed to know. I'll have to get a hold of our SW architect.  Thanks.

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For your information, MESULOG provides free DAQmx Custom Step Types for NI TestsTand.

They are we easy to use :




And it's FREE !

So don't hesitate to download and try it.


Kind regards,


CTA - Certified TestStand Architect (2008 - 2022)
CTD - Certified TestStand Developer (2004 & 2007)
CLD - Certified LabVIEW Developer (2003 & 2005)

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Hi Jean-Louis,


thanks for shareing





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