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Customize Toolbar does not save

I customized my toolbar to add the run as seen in the attached image.  When I close TestStand and re-open, it is no longer there.  How do I get this customized toolbar to maintain its settings?


I also tried to use rearrange icons and add that button to the Debug Menu Bar, but that didn't work either.

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I am using TestStand 2010 SP1 and was able to add a Second Execution Entry Point by following the directions here. Then when I close TestStand and open it again, the button I added is still there. What version of TestStand are you using? I am assuming you are making this change in the Sequence Editor.

Rohama K.
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Lock your UI configuration in the View menu

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It was my saved UI configuration since I use a custom UI configuration, I had to save it with the added button on there.

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To clarify for other readers. There is a setting in the sequence editor options dialog to always load a UI configuration at startup (rather than restore the settings you had when you last exited). He was likely using this setting.



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