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Create "TypeDef" Step (TestStand)

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Hello everyone,


I was wondering if there's a way to create a Step that updates itself if I change any copy of it, as it happens in LabVIEW with the TypeDef controls.


In case I'm not being clear, if I have Step "Turn Off Voltage PS" saved as Template then I use the exact same Step in many places from many Subsequences. Then, if I make a change in one of these in any sequence, I have to manually update every one in the sequence.


It would be great for it to update automatically, is there a way to do this or some similar sort of thing?



Thank you in advance.

Best Regards.

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I think you are describing the purposes of Custom Step Types. It allow to define a Step definition, that is shared. If you make some modification to the definition, it is propagated to all instances.


Be aware that some configuration elements are specific to each instance of your step (adapter configuration for instance), and other are shared. It implies more work than the use of Tempalte, but it seems to be more relevant in your case.


Pick a look at the TestStand Custom Step Type Development Best Practices, in particular the table "Comparison of Step Templates Versus Custom Step Types"


Best regards,

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Hi, thank you for your response.


I tried that but It doesn't update the already placed Steps.

I tested it modifyng the Test Limits, Comparison Type and Pre-expression.


Do you know if I might be doing something wrong?

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These are typically instance related values. If I modify a test limit in one NumericLimitTest, I would prefer not to apply this limit on every other NumericLimitTest instances.


For limits, you may want to point to a global variables. The value of the limit will be global, and every instances will point to this variable. Comparison Type can also use this mecanism.


For Pre-Expression, you can define in a Step Type the Default Expressions. It mean default value, that can be modified once the step is instanciated. It is still possible to force the propagation to "in-memory" sequences using the Apply Changes in this Dialog Box to all Loaded Steps of This Type checkbox. Loaded sequence files that have instances of a Step Type will(should) be updated when you will click OK :




Hope this helps

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I clicked once that checkbox and thought it would remain Checked forever.


It works thank you.

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