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Could not find symbol in the .pdb file for the module

I have a C# wrapper for a C++ dll.  I have created a .NET action step in my sequence editor.  I seem to be able to correctly access my C# methods via the .Net Invocation.  I want to be able to step into the .NET action step for debugging purposes but when I do I recieve an error message that says it could not find a symbol in the .pdb.  Attached is the image of the message.  Also I'm using Visual Studio 2015 Community.

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The version of TestStand you are using might have been created before VS 2015 existed and thus does not necessarily support directly stepping into the module from TestStand in that version of VS. The following should still work though:


1) Set a breakpoint in your C# or C++ dll.

2) From visual studio, use the Debug->Attach option, Make sure you have it set to debug managed, native or both depending on which dll you want to debug.

3) select the Seqedit.exe process and attach to that for debugging.

4) Run your sequence and it should stop at the breakpoing in visual studio.


Hope this helps,


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