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Correct way to include user.lib VIs in TestStand 2013 deployment



I followed the instructions at to create a TestStand deployment. Step #3 says to set my Adapter to the LabVIEW RTE, which I did.


Unfortunately, TestStand is now unable to find the VIs in user.lib. My test sequence works fine when I use the LabVIEW Development System instead of the RTE.


What's the correct way to tell TestStand where to look?


Other notes:

  • My VIs are all under the same .lvproj
  • I've included the .lvproj file as a Code Module. I right-clicked the .seq file in the TestStand Workspace and selected "Insert Code Modules", and the .lvproj file appeared in the TestStand Workspace tree.



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When you say it’s can’t find the VIs in user.lib, where do you see the problem? Does it give you an error message when building the deployment, when it actually deploys, or are you just unable to add the files to the deployment? Do you get a particular error code or message?


Kelsey Johnson

Applications Engineer

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