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Compacf Fieldpoint supported by Teststand.

Dear All,


    I am finding loads of info on what versions of LabVIEW support Fieldpoint, but nothing on Teststand.  


   I have inherited a test where Teststand addresses Fieldpoint directly, i.e. not via a LabVIEW VI.   Does anyone know the latest version of Teststand which can talk to Fieldpoint this way, and can it run on Windows 10? 





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TestStand interacts with Hardware via the Adapters.

So you use LabVIEW, CVI, DLL, Python...etc. Code to work with your Hardware.



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I am used to using LabVIEW adapters to call VIs but this looks different.  I will delve deeper and maybe see if I can get some pictures.  





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Compare this (I assumed we are talking about NI-FieldPoint driver for LabVIEW) and this.


As DesasterMaster mentioned you use TestStand to call code modules developed using other technologies. So you should not look at FieldPoint/TestStand compatibility but rather make sure that TestStand is compatible with the language you used to develop your FieldPoint software component (for example your FiledPoint LabVIEW driver).


EDIT: I also found this. It might be important.


Michał Bieńkowski

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